Jordan Rakei returns with new single ‘Sorceress’

After releasing stripped back electronic house-orientated tracks under the moniker Dan Kye with Rhythm Section in late 2016, Jordan Rakei has returned, signing to Ninja Tune and revealing his latest single, ‘Sorceress’.

Rakei’s Dan Kye release of Joy, Ease, Lightness, a 4 track EP directed towards the dance floor, only cemented our perceptions of the New Zealand-born multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter which has built up through the trickle of projects, including two EPs and full length, cloak. ‘Sorceress’ is just another reminder of Rakei’s apability, presenting a expansive and soulful track. Check out the dates for his tour here.

Be sure to remind yourself of Rakei’s previous releases on Soundcloud and Spotify. If you hadn’t heard of Rakei’s alias, Dan Kye, get to know below with Joy, Ease, Lightness. Listen to ‘Sorceress’ below.

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