One of Bristol’s finest – Peverelist releases his third album entitled ‘Tessellations’

As a producer who can be described as a spearhead of Bristol’s electronic music scene, Peverelist has returned with first album since 2009, consolidating his sound – one that has fostered and moulded modern techno.

Livity Sound’s first Peverelist release, Tessellations, is an album that melds into and fortifies his discography – an exhibition of hypnotic techno at its finest. Blending a mixture of electronic textures with low-end driving beats, this latest instalment is a trance-imbuing collection of ‘a succinct nine tracks’ which remind us of Peverelist’s unquestionable ability to create evolving and intricately rhythmic tracks over and over again.

After recently playing at Love Saves The Day you can catch Peverelist next at Freerotation festival. Listen to Tessellations, which was released on the 26th March, below and revisit Peverelist’s earlier releases on Spotify or Soundcloud.

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