Will Robson-Scott, the filmmaker that delves into the danger zone

Will Robson-Scott is a London-based photographer and film maker who documents life in subcultures and on the fringes of society. After discovering his passion for photography accidentally, Robson-Scott’s talent is something we should talk about.

Centralizing his short films around life in suburban communities like south-side Chicago, Robson-Scott has captured footage of the ever- present gun crime epidemic and its continuing deadly threat over thousands of families. He empathetically documents life in the epicentre of the violence, resulting in two harrowing works; “Chiraq” and “God Loves Ugly”. Robson-Scott’s broad array of work also explores a multitude of goings on in society, from graffiti artists to eyeball tattooing.

Robson-Scott also produces videos for artists such as Gorgon City whilst also directing a short film for Jack and Archy Marshall’s project, A New Place 2 Drown. Check out Robson-Scott’s website and see below for more.


Ghetts, Poplar – photograph by Will Robson-Scott


Chiraq – photograph by Will Robson-Scott


A New Place 2 Drown – directed by Will Robson-Scott


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