Sub Luna City shut down the Museum of London

As the Museum of London launch their project City Now City Future, a year-long season that explores what it means to live in a truly global city, Reprezent 107.3FM were responsible for the music, bringing an intense line-up for the free event.

Things kicked off at 1930 with Jackal Wyfried through to Ben Hauke and then Joe Armon Jones alongside Maxwell Owin who played some new bits from they’ve been working. Next up, MC Pinty took to the stage to spit some over Maxwell Owin with a seasoned garage flow, check their JUST JAM set here to see what I mean. Pinty also gave us a flavour of some of his new music coming out soon on Rhythm Section.

As Archy Marshall (aka King Krule), Jadasea, and Rago Foot took to the stage, the energy was mad – Sub Luna City were up next. It’s rare to see artists come together and perform with such a sense of purpose, but this went beyond that.


When gentrification is largely seen as the enemy, holding onto what makes London one of the most diverse and creative cities in the world is important. This said so much about everyone’s passion for music, their culture, and ultimately their city.

With video games depicted above the stage and 360 visuals, amongst others tracks were played from Archy’s A New Place 2 Drown. There was news of a special guest, but as Jesse James Solomon was hovering behind the decks the predictions were in. I’ve been following these guys for time and managed to miss every opportunity to see them in the flesh, but this lived up to expectation – madness.

I feel somewhat confident in saying this is only a hint at what’s next to come – keep an eye out for movement in the future. Check out footage from yesterday’s gig below including Rago Foot’s stage dive… in a fucking museum…




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