Velvet Negroni, fka Pony Bwoy, releases new single ‘LEVELS’

Velvet Negroni, a rapper, singer, and producer from Minneapolis who has also gone by names Pony Bwoy and Spyder Baybie Raw Dog, has just released his first single on Soundcloud entitled ‘LEVELS’.

Experimenting with hip-hop and R&B conventions under the moniker of Pony Bwoy, Velvet Negroni is known for creating expressive tracks, exhibiting soulful and haunting vocals that are complemented by ambient yet wholly emotive and powerful left-field production. On the back of supporting Bon Iver and Francis and The Lights, Velvet Negroni has just released a new track called ‘LEVELS’ which is as experimental as you would have expected.

Listen to ‘LEVELS’ below as well as his self-titled album, Pony Bwoy from 2013. Make sure to follow him on Soundcloud for future releases and if you want to catch him live, get to Dublin’s Forbidden Fruit Festival this summer.


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