Ryan Hawaii: Bringing DIY fashion into the spotlight

This creative 22-year-old is someone you should be keeping a close eye on in 2017. Pioneering the rebirth of punk from his Catford studio through his uniquely customised clothing, we believe him when he says ‘2017 is the year I boss up’.

Inheriting his mother’s creativity and his father’s business initiative, Hawaii has used both to create his own mini empire combining music, art and fashion into one. Hawaii’s ‘brand’ includes garments he has individually customised by adding words or phrases, or painting on them. One of these includes a hoodie, on which he has written ‘one day we’ll be living in space’, representing an ambitious mindset that has not gone unnoticed, attracting the attention of some influential names.

With the likes of Skepta and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh on board, Hawaii continues to impress, constructing London pop-up stores and making it onto 2017’s Dazed 100. For the latest, check out Hawaii’s Instagram and website.

Next Exhibition and pop-up: ‘Made From Dirt’ @ Forty Seven LDN (1st-5th June)


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