Listen to Vasser’s visceral new single ‘To The Wolves’

After the successful releases of ‘Whatever You Want’ and ‘Retract’ Vasser, our premier One to Watch has returned with another hypnotic single, ‘To The Wolves,’ from his upcoming debut EP, A Telling End.

Featuring his own vocals yet again, Vasser’s latest release is an impassioned addition to his sonic arsenal. Although a greater emphasis is placed on his metaphorical lyricism, the track’s production isn’t compromised as Vasser delivers a distinctive and equally emotive sound. Inspired ‘by a year-long relationship that was constantly proving unequal’, Vasser’s ‘To The Wolves’ provides a more intimate look into the personal life of the upcoming singer, songwriter and producer.

Revisit our interview with the artist himself as well as his previous releases here. Listen to ‘To The Wolves’ below and watch out for Vasser’s debut EP, A Telling End, in the very near future.

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