Meet Vegyn, the producer you need to know about

Vegyn, a.k.a Joe Thornalley, is a London-based producer who wants to keep music moving. Better known for his contributions to Frank Ocean’s recent projectsVegyn is making his own moves, having recently released Phone Phoneys last month.

Keen to make a change in the electronic scene, 23-year-old Vegyn produces dynamic, versatile and somewhat confrontational tracks which challenge conventional boundaries. As well as being credited on Frank Ocean’s recent audiovisual project ENDLESS and Blonde, Vegyn is also responsible for independent electronic label PLZ Make It Ruins which acts as a ‘conduit for current computer-produced and dance-oriented music.’

With a sound reminiscent of that of Objekt and Pearson Sound, get to know Vegyn below with his Janhui EP and recent two-track release, Phone Phoneys. Check out his Soundcloud and Spotify for more.

‘I just want to move music along, I don’t want to be in this category of stagnation.’




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