Stroma Cairns – A refreshing perspective

Young London film-maker, Stroma Cairns is an artist you need to know. Having created her own evocative visuals, she has also directed music videos for Liv Dawson and GIRLI, displaying a dynamic artistic ability that can’t go un-missed.

Cairns’s latest project, ‘Just An Idea’, explores the process of ideas, from initial conception to material manifestation. Conceived during a time when Cairns herself battled with her artistic confidence, the project seeks to consider what constitutes a ‘good’ idea. Through a series of voice recordings and accompanying images shot with an iPhone through the lens of an SLR camera, she documents like-minded people sharing their feelings on the process of creativity.

Imaging sincere and creative topics, Stroma provides a refreshing and relatable perspective when it comes to film-making and directing. Check out Cairns’ website or take a look below for ‘Just An Idea’ and GIRLI’s visuals.

This fresh visionary wants to share with others, as well as understand for herself, ‘why these creatives feel the need to make work within their existence’.

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