Have you heard of Jadu Heart?

Creating an ethereal sound, artists Dina and Faro make up the lesser-known duo, Jadu Heart, who are producing music you can truly immerse yourself in. Blending a plethora of genres into a bath of electronic vibrations, this pair need your attention.

Only having released two projects so far there’s a lot to get excited about with Jadu Heart. Since releasing their debut EP, Wanderflower, the pair have swapped the studio for live shows by supporting Mura Masa on his European tour alongside Bonzai. Despite the fact that there is little known about the masked producers, their ambiguous lyricism and delicate yet powerful sound speaks volumes, providing an emotional insight into a creative process which delivers a unique sonic experience.

If you’re in need of some ambient tracks to ease your way into summer have a listen to Wanderflower or watch the visuals for ‘Late Night’ from Ezra’s Garden below. Don’t forget to check out their website and follow their Soundcloud for more.

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