Swap what you know for slowthai

Wordsmith and producer slowthai provides a raw and refreshing perspective when it comes to conventional grime and hip-hop. Emerging from the relatively musically stale city of Northampton, slowthai is making moves and turning heads.

Wanting to break free from the monotonous urban lifestyle of Northampton, slowthai exposes the gritty side to his hometown, championing a radical flow which complements an exciting alternative approach to production. Building a following on Soundcloud with tracks such as ‘NN,’ slowthai provides an intimate insight into his lifestyle and creative vision. He has recently released his debut three-track EP entitled Slowitdown on Skinny Macho’s NTS radio show and label, Bone Soda.

If you’re into artists such as 808INK and Neverland Clan, get a flavour for slowthai and watch the visuals for ‘Jiggle’ below. Be sure to download  Slowitdown on Bandcamp and check out his Soundcloud for more original content.

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