Step into the mind-bending world of J.G. Marshall

Jack G. Marshall is an artist working with a variety of methods, from illustration to photography. Displaying his work in a recent group show entitled, Drawing a Blank, his pieces invoke a discussion with a more surreal reaction to our environment.

As well as creating his own works he has collaborated with his brother, Archy, for the audio-visual project entitled A New Place 2 Drown. He is also responsible for the monochrome illustrations which feature on the covers of his brother’s music releases under the name King Krule. Creating atmospheric pieces, he toes the line between visually attractive and repulsive images, developing impressionistic ‘landscapes,’ which encourage equally subjective emotional reactions.

His talents are not restricted to the visual as he is also member of South-London troupe Horsey, consisting of Theo McCabe, Jacob Read (Jerkcurb), and George Bass. Check out some of his work below or keep up to date via the following links.



Instagram: @j.g.marshall




King Krule, EP cover, 2011.


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