Frank Lebon – Twisting visuals and audio into one

Filmmaker Frank Lebon, son of cult Buffalo photographer Mark Lebon, is an artist in his own right who works across a variety of mediums, from drawing to super 8 projections, with a speciality in analogue processes.

Having studied graphics and then film at the London College of Communication he is part of the London based film production company, DoBeDo. He works on both commissioned projects as well as his own, creating visually experimental pieces. He often collaborates with musicians and dabbles in the fashion industry, having produced the music videos for Jesse James‘ ‘JFSE’ and Obongjayar‘s ‘Creeping,’ whilst also featuring in Alexander McQueen’s SS14 campaign.

Exploring the relationship between sound and vision, Lebon places importance in the arbitrary justification of creation – a reason without reason. Scroll down for a closer look at his work, including the Jesse James visuals, or follow the links below.


Instagram: @frankleboner

‘… music is so important as I believe it creates the perfect validation, you don’t have to have a reason behind why you made a tune – it can just exist as something great; for me this is the same for visuals created to/for and with music.’ – Frank Lebon

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