One to Watch: Vasser

Vasser (a.k.a Sam Breathwick), is a young, self-taught, and up-and-coming producer set to start making waves in the near future. With a reserved approach to lyrics his production carries his tracks, providing a clean and minimalist, yet full sound.

Making an entrance onto the scene in November of 2015, Vasser’s debut release, ‘Stay With Me,’ did not go unnoticed, gaining interest from BBC Radio Kent Introducing and Radio 1. After the release of two new singles, ‘Whatever You Want’ and ‘Retract,’ in the latter months of 2016, the development of a unique and identifiable sound is evident. Indicating a true and mature artistic ability, his recent releases present a sound comparable to that of a James Blake and Mura Masa fusion.

We got in touch with Vasser for a conversation (See below) to get an insight into the artist’s story, creative influences and plans for the future. Check out his latest tracks below and be sure to follow him for more in the coming year.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot out there about you. What can you tell us about yourself?

‘I learnt instruments from the age of 8, starting on the guitar and moving all around the place, eventually starting on a really old version of Cubase at 14. I’ve grown up in Sevenoaks, Kent, a commuter town just outside of London. It’s always been quiet so the music has been driven from finding stuff online.’

Growing up in a relatively rural area, what was your main source of creative inspiration?

‘I find it hard to pinpoint, neither of my parents or anyone in the family tree picked up an instrument so the home never felt like a space of creativity for me. I found the early days of Soundcloud helped inspire me to start producing music as I was making more trappy stuff, but now it’s hard to land on what exactly does it for me.’

How did you feel about featuring your own vocals for the first time on ‘Retract’?

‘It came naturally which was an important part of me being comfortable with it, it was written after a rough time last summer and everything clicked once I had it down. I worked out a structure for the song, verses and choruses, but ended up preferring the first line repeating over as it felt more true to home.’

What are you listening to at the moment?

‘Sampha’s Process, especially “Kora Sings” and “What Shouldn’t I Be.” I’m always coming back to 22, a million, Farewell, Starlite!, Mark Pritchard’s Under The Sun, Colour in Anything and Jadu Heart’s Ezra’s Garden EP. Their Wanderflower EP is also lovely. Mark Pritchard uploaded his Brixton Academy DJ Set (Sat Nov 5th 2016) onto his Soundcloud last week and that’s an absolutely ace mix.’

In what direction can you see your music going in the future? What’s planned next?

I’m working on all sorts at the moment, but the music feels like it’s taken shape. Last year was an odd one as I spent so much time on sounds I’ll never put out there, but things are lining up.’

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