Obongjayar opens up in new self-reflective ‘Home’ EP

Emerging late last year Nigerian born artist, Obongjayar, combines an eclectic array of musical influences, from soulful spoken word to hip hop, in his most recent EP, providing a refreshing and transcendent musical perspective.

Obongjayar’s new emotive EP, Home, acts an introduction to the artist and person. Now aged 24 and based in South West London, he reflects on a journey of self-discovery of which is expressed with undoubted passion. Although he delivers a definitive sound his work has been likened to artists such as Kojey Radical and Willis Earl Beal, providing a discordant yet simultaneously harmonious, cohesive and melodic narrative.

His debut single, ‘Creeping,’ exhibits a visually exciting and atmospheric collaboration with filmmaker, Frank Lebon. Pushing artistic boundaries and with news of a new EP, Obongjayar is indeed an artist to follow this year.

Listen to and watch the EP below, or visit his website for more.

Image credit: Ray Fiasco/A Nation of Billions

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